Where can I park my car?

We’ve arranged parking spots at the Brico Plan-It. Parking spots are included in your ticket. (1 minute walking distance from our entrance).
Your car will be safe there for the entire day.

Follow the arrows located around the roundabout.

Should I bring my ticket?

Yes! To make things go as smooth as possible, we would like you to bring your ticket on your smartphone. No need to print it out. Mother Nature says thanks!

Can I refund my ticket if I can’t make it to the conference?

I’m sorry but we don’t do any refunds.

Can I buy tickets offline?

You can buy tickets at the entrance of the conference but we suggest to do it upfront. That way, you don’t miss out on any communication we send to our guests upfront.
It’s easier for the both of us.

Are food and drinks included in the ticket price?

Of course! Our catering service will take care of you during the entire event.

From the moment you crave your first coffee to start your day, to the well-deserved cocktail at the afterparty.
All drinks and meals are included.

Any other questions?


Did we miss something? Do you have any other questions?
Don’t hesitate to ask us, we’re happy to help.