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Confirmed speakers

TEC wouldn’t be TEC without some top notch speakers.

We invited international speakers to TEC19 to bring you actionable takeaways and inspirational content.

A lot more to be announced…


Claude Silver

Vaynermedia – Chief Heart Officer

Hi! I’m Claude Silver, VaynerMedia’s Chief Heart Officer. After nearly 20 years at numerous Fortune 50 companies, I have found my home. My success guiding client relationships, global brand strategies, operations, and management is driven by an abiding passion for creating spaces in which people can thrive.

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patrick van veen bg

Patrick Van Veen

Apemanagement – Biologist

Hi! I’m Patrick Van Veen, biologist, researcher and founder of Apemanagement. I study and compare primal behavior in the wild with everyday behaviour of humans. My main focus has always been apes. An animal without shame, rational approaches to certain situations, cultures or styles. It’s that unique element that I try to link to behavior at work.

Mike Ettling

Unit4 – CEO, ex President of SAP Succesfactors

Hi! I’m Mike Ettling, the CEO of Unit 4. I strongly believe that individuals enable organisations to achieve their full potential and let their people realise their dreams. I’ve always been in it for people. From “Paying People” as CEO of NGA HR, to “Engaging People” as President of SAP SuccessFactors, and now truly “Enabling People” as CEO of Unit4.

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Elke Jorens bg

Elke Jorens

Microsoft – Senior Director Talent Acquisition EMEA

Hi! I’m Elke Jorens, Head of Talent Acquisition EMEA at Microsoft. My purpose is to empower people: my team, employees I coach and candidates that want to join Microsoft. I strongly focus on talent market analysis, acquiring talent, internal mobility, succession planning, leadership and talent development. Passionate about technology, I am always on the lookout for new digitalisation opportunities.

Jordan Hagan

StoryMe – Video strategist

Hi! I’m Jordan Hagan, and I’m a member of the StoryMe family. As a Video Strategist, I provide organisations with video strategies and educate them on the latests trends in video. Spreading my knowledge along to other people through public speaking is what I love doing.

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