Leah Knobler – Help Scout

For the past 4.5 years, Leah helped build the 105 person, fully remote team at Help Scout.

Help Scout is specialised in making every customer service interaction a more human one.

Leah, who is the Director of talent acquisition at Help Scout shares her experience on how building an inclusive culture takes intention and effort whether you’re in an office or working remotely.

Being a remote-first company has been an advantage for Help Scout, even before the covid-19 situation as they have always been incredibly thoughtful about everything they do and the processes they have in place because it all needs to succeed in a remote environment.

Learn how to create a company where people feel like they can bring their authentic selves to work, even remotely.

Glenn Walschap – Brussels Airport

How do you get value from your HR data & analytics strategy? Glenn Walschap, HR Tech & HR Analytics Manager at Brussels Airport, and Olivier Van Loo, Solution Architect at intuo, have identified four pillars: strategy, people, data and business.

In this keynote, they share how to align these four pillars to create value and what specific steps you can take as an organisation. Their five step plan will help you effectively analyse HR data. From proper identification and delineation of internal concepts to final analysis, they will tackle it all in less than x hour, minutes.

Join this keynote if you want to learn about valuable HR data, how you should interpret it, and how you can start with HR analytics yourself.

Peter Hinssen – Nexxworks

The future of work, leadership, psychological safety and cognitive diversity.

Peter is a world-renowned thought leader on radical innovation who has given numerous keynote presentations around the world, for companies such as Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Accenture, Microsoft, … and has been the keynote headliner for many internal conferences for Fortune1000 companies.

Alice Ter Haar – Deliveroo

Do you want to experience personal rocket ship growth like that of a unicorn ($1b) scale-up?
After four years at one of Europe’s fastest-growing companies, Deliveroo, Alice will share what individuals can learn about their own growth from the world’s most exciting businesses.
The output? The self-awareness and motivation to take your potential by the (unicorn) horn by being your most badass self.

In this talk, Alice will share the good, bad and the downright ugly from her personal growth journey – she’s spent over 10 years in high-growth businesses, and alongside her role at Deliveroo, she runs a personal development consultancy where she’s a highly regarded keynote speaker, trainer, and blogger.

Lucy Adams – HR Disruptive

HR in a disrupted world.

In her keynote speech, Lucy Adams, former head of HR at BBC will look at how HR and leadership practices need to change fundamentally to keep pace with the needs of our organisations and our people. She will provide a fresh framework for rethinking leadership and HR – the EACH model (employees as adults, consumers and human beings) and she will provide practical examples of how HR and leaders are already implementing these new trends.

Siemon Claeys & Florence Dobbenie – intuo

Survival of the fittest: Using data to get a step ahead.

Dries Henau & Yuri Vandebogaerde – Wasbar/Chez Claire

Dries & Yuri love to think about the next move. 
What is lacking today? How can we fulfill the needs of tomorrow, and how can we make life better?With their blending (before it was cool) concept WASBAR they showed the world that things cán be done differently.
These guys tend to have a good gut feeling about what is going on in the world, and how to create tools to make people’s life better. As multiple business owners, strategic and creative consultants and team leads, they will broaden our minds about the workplace of tomorrow. 
The world is not about reset. The reset has already been set into motion, so you better smell the coffee.

Lisa Dodman – Unit4

More info coming soon.